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Original Westron form of Gamwich.


The Westron form of Gamgee, developed from Galbasi.


A Family of Ropers. The family name changed from Gamwich to Gammidge to Gamgee. The family name was changed again by Samwise Gamgee into Gardner.

Tolkien took the name "Gamgee" from a colloquial word in Birmingham for cotton wool. This was in turn derived from Gamgee Tissue, a surgical dressing invented by a 19th century Birmingham surgeon named Sampson Gamgee. Tolkien originally used it as a nickname for a man living in Lamorna Cove, England before adapting it into his stories:

"There was a curious local character, an old man who used to go about swapping gossip and weather-wisdom and such like. To amuse my children I named him Gaffer Gamgee... The choice of Gamgee was primarily directed by alliteration; but I did not invent it. It was caught out of childhood memory, as a comic word or name. It was in fact the name when I was small (in Birmingham) for 'cotton-wool'. (Hence the association of the Gamgees with the Cottons.) I knew nothing of its origin."


Ancestors of the Gamgee family.


Ropers and ancestors of the Gammidge family.


The name taken by Sam Gamgee later in his life and passed down to his descendants. It referred to his original occupation as a gardener. It apparently later changed to Gardner of the Hill.


A name only appearing in drafts as a predecessor to 'Goodbody'. Also spelled Gaukroger. The name means 'clumsy roger'.


The maiden name of Hanna Brandybuck.


Hobbits of the Shire.


The maiden name of Bell Gamgee.


A name appearing only on the unpublished Boffin family tree.


The maiden name of Menegilda Brandybuck.


Family of gardeners living in Hobbiton. Closely related to the Gamgees.


Hobbits of the Shire. The name is related to the verb 'grub', meaning to dig or root around.

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