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Muhajir (Turkey) - Bulgaria
... See also Turks of Bulgaria Turkish migrations from Bulgaria, 1878-1992 Years Number 1878-1912 350,000 1923-33 101,507 1934-39 97,181 1940-49 21,353 1950-51 154,198 1952-68 24 1969-78 114,356 1979-88 0 1989-92 ... As a result of these migrations, the percentage of Turks in Bulgaria was reduced from more than one-third of the population immediately after the Russo-Turkish War to 14.2% in 1900 ... Substantial numbers of Turks continued to emigrate to Turkey during, and following, the Balkan Wars and the First World War, in accordance with ...
Turks In The Netherlands - Demographics - Other Turkish Communities - Bulgarian Turks
... See also Turks in Bulgaria 10,000-30,000 people from Bulgaria live in the Netherlands ... The majority, of about 80%, are ethnic Turks from Bulgaria most of them have come from the south-eastern Bulgarian district of Kurdzhali and are the fastest-growing ...

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