Bug Tracking

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Launchpad (website) - Users
... managing their development include Drizzle GNOME Do Inkscape (bug tracking, code hosting) Linux Mint (bug tracking, blueprints, and translations) MySQL (code hosting) OpenERP and OpenObject Pinta (bug tracking and ...
Bug Tracking System - Distributed Bug Tracking
... Some bug trackers are designed to be used with distributed revision control software ... These distributed bug trackers allow bug reports to be conveniently read, added to the database or updated while a developer is offline ... Fossil and Veracity both include distributed bug trackers ...

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    Such is the art of writing as Dreiser understands it and practices it—an endless piling up of minutiae, an almost ferocious tracking down of ions, electrons and molecules, an unshakable determination to tell it all. One is amazed by the mole-like diligence of the man, and no less by his exasperating disregard for the ease of his readers.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)