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Buffets are effective for serving large numbers of people at once. For this reason, they are prevalent in institutional settings, such as business conventions or large parties. Another advantage of buffets compared to table service is that diners have a great deal of choice and the ability to closely inspect food before selecting it. Since a buffet involves diners serving themselves, it has in the past been considered an informal form of dining, less formal than table service. In recent years, however, buffet dinners are increasingly popular among hosts of home dinner parties, especially in homes where limited space complicates the serving of individual places.

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Buffet Restaurants - Home Buffets - 20th Century
... The concept of eating a buffet arose in mid 17th century France, when gentleman callers would arrive at the homes of ladies they wanted to woo unexpectedly ... The "buffet" luncheon, at which the guests eat standing and the luncheon served at small tables, at which the guests are seated.. ... The knife is tabooed at the “buffet” lunch, hence all the food must be such as can be eaten with fork or spoon ...

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    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

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