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Devil's Pawn

Buffaloman was originally a 1,000,000 strength choujin who was continually beaten because he lacked skill. He eventually met and struck a deal with Satan, who gave him more Choujin power whenever he killed another choujin. Eventually he killed so many that his power had climbed to 10,000,000. He and his comrades, all known as the Seven Devil Choujin (Springman, Atlantis, SteCassette King, Black Hole, Mr. Kamen, and The Mountain), were eventually captured by a grouping of 100,000 seigi choujin (justice supermen) and space police and trapped in a space station. This station was accidentally opened when Kinnikuman was thrown straight onto the release mechanism by overenthusiastic fans.

Buffaloman and the other Devil Choujin arrived at the scene where Kinnikuman and his friends were celebrating the conclusion of the 21st Choujin Olympics. Desiring to see how strong today's choujin heroes were, Buffaloman split Alexandria Meat's body into seven pieces so as to force Kinnikuman to beat them all in 10 days if he wanted to save his friend. When Kinnikuman was too injured to keep fighting the Seven Devils after he had beaten SteCassette King and Black Hole, his friends stepped in to take on the remaining Devil Choujin in his place, and Buffaloman was pitted against Warsman. Warsman was constantly stymied by Buffaloman's superior power, and although he managed to break off one of Buffaloman's longhorns,he was killed in the end.

Buffaloman faced Kinnikuman in a double match with Springman in the final match of the story arc. Despite it being called a tagteam match, Buffaloman's attention was focused exclusively on Kinnikuman while Springman fought and lost to Mongolman. Buffaloman was an extremely tough opponent, using his power to reverse Kinnikuman's trademark finishing move, the Kinniku Buster, but lost control of his power when he absorbed Kinnikuman's Kajiba no Kuso Chikara (Burning Inner Strength). Because of the respect Kinnikuman showed him even though they were mortal enemies, Buffaloman changed sides at the end of the match and vowed to join the seigi choujin if he survived his punishment for defeat. He was fatally injured by the devil, but before he died gave up his Choujin Power, bought with the blood of other herores, to bring Warsman, Robin Mask and Wolfman, who had died fighting his teammates, back to life.

He appeared again during the Golden Mask arc in Ashuraman's corner during Kinnikuman's fight with him, but turned on Ashuraman and became a good guy for the remainder of the series. He then faced the Devil Knights leader, Akuma Shogun, in order to give Kinnikuman more time to perfect the Kinniku Driver. He was eventually defeated by Akuma Shogun's Hell's Guillotine technique. During the fight between Akuma Shogun and Kinnikuman, Shogun began to revive the Devil Knights and absorb them to become more powerful. But Buffaloman put on Shogun's mask/head and fought them off, giving Kinnikuman the chance he needed to defeat Shogun with the Kinniku Driver.

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