Buffaloe - Places - United States

United States

  • Buffalo, New York, largest city named Buffalo
    • Buffalo State College
    • University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
  • Buffalo, Illinois, village
  • Buffalo, Indiana
  • Buffalo, Iowa, city
  • Buffalo, Kansas, city
  • Buffalo, Kentucky, unincorporated community
  • Buffalo, Minnesota, city
  • Buffalo, Missouri, city
  • Buffalo, Montana, unincorporated community
  • Buffalo, North Dakota, city
  • Buffalo, Oklahoma, town
  • Buffalo, South Carolina
  • Buffalo, South Dakota, town
  • Buffalo, Tennessee (disambiguation), any of four unincorporated communities
  • Buffalo, Texas, city
  • Buffalo, West Virginia, town
  • Buffalo, Wisconsin (Buffalo County), town
  • Buffalo, Wisconsin (Marquette County), town
  • Buffalo, Wyoming, city
  • Buffalo City, Arkansas, unincorporated community
  • Buffalo City, North Carolina, former town
  • Buffalo City, Wisconsin, city
  • Buffalo County, Nebraska, county
  • Buffalo County, South Dakota, county
  • Buffalo County, Wisconsin, county
  • Buffalo Township, Illinois, township
  • Buffalo Township, Minnesota, township
  • Buffalo Township, Ohio, township
  • Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania (disambiguation), any of four townships
  • New Buffalo, Michigan, city

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    What chiefly distinguishes the daily press of the United States from the press of all other countries is not its lack of truthfulness or even its lack of dignity and honor, for these deficiencies are common to the newspapers everywhere, but its incurable fear of ideas, its constant effort to evade the discussion of fundamentals by translating all issues into a few elemental fears, its incessant reduction of all reflection to mere emotion. It is, in the true sense, never well-informed.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

    United States! the ages plead,—
    Present and Past in under-song,—
    Go put your creed into your deed,—
    Nor speak with double tongue.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The United States themselves are essentially the greatest poem.
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)

    In the United States there’s a Puritan ethic and a mythology of success. He who is successful is good. In Latin countries, in Catholic countries, a successful person is a sinner.
    Umberto Eco (b. 1932)