BT Wholesale

BT Wholesale is a division of BT Group responsible for the wholesale leasing of PSTN lines, broadband services and other telephony services to retail customers such as BT Retail, EE and Zen Internet.

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ADSL Max - Rate Adaptation and BT Wholesale's 'Dynamic Line Management' (DLM)
... Software within the BT Wholesale network limits the rate at which inbound IP packets are delivered to the user, this rate being based on a parameter termed the IP Profile ... This rate restriction is imposed at the point where inbound data enters the BT Wholesale IP network from the Internet ...
Internet In The United Kingdom - Broadband - Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) - IPStream
... Max" services, the only ADSL packages available via BT Wholesale were known as IPStream Home 250, Home 500, Home 1000 and Home 2000 (contention ratio of 501) and Office 500, Office 1000, and Office 2000 (con ... For BT Wholesale ADSL products, users initially had to live within 3.5 kilometres of the local telephone exchange to receive ADSL, but this limit was increased ... In September 2004, BT Wholesale removed the line-length/loss limits for 500 kbit/s ADSL, instead employing a tactic of "suck it and see" — enabling the line, then seeing if ADSL would work ...

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