Brute Force (video Game)

Brute Force (video Game)

Brute Force is a video game released for the Xbox by Microsoft in 2003. The game is a squad-based third-person shooter that uses four members of a team which fight in numerous battles. These members in the squad include Flint, a sniper, Brutus, a shock trooper, Tex, a heavy assault trooper, and Hawk, a scout. Each character on the team has their own strengths and weaknesses. The story is of a science-fiction setting where humans spread throughout the galaxy. Tension arises with the threat of a hostile alien race that appears. The squad, Brute Force, is sent in to confront the enemy. Additionally, each character has their own backstory. Brute Force began as a PC game in 2000, but was soon after turned into a first-party title for the Xbox, following the buyout of Digital Anvil by Microsoft.

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Brute Force (video Game) - Reception
... Reception Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings 78%Metacritic 77%Review scores Publication Score GameSpot 76/100 IGN 81/100 Official Xbox Magazine 80/100 There was a great amount of hype for Brute ... The game broke Xbox sales records of both first day and first week sales,beating out even Halo ... However there were quite a few complaints concerning the gameplay,many criticisms stemming from a 2001 video that was included with many of Microsoft'sfirst-party launch titles,in which the four characters ...

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