Browning (food Process)

Browning (food Process)

Browning is the process of becoming brown, especially referring to food. Browning foods may be desirable, as in caramelization, or undesirable, as in an apple turning brown after being cut. Foods, including beverages, can turn brown through either enzymatic or non-enzymatic processes.

Browning has an important economic cost causing deterioration of the value of products in the market of food.

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Browning (food Process) - Nonenzymatic Browning
... Nonenzymatic,or oxidative,browning is a chemical process that produces a brown color in foodswithout the activity of enzymes ... The two main forms of nonenzymatic browningare caramelization and the Maillard reaction ... As the process occurs,volatile chemicals are released,producing the characteristic caramel flavor ...

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