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The Browning Citori ("Citori" has no meaning and is an advertising construct) was designed and introduced in 1973 as a more affordable version of the highly successful Browning Superposed shotgun manufactured in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN). Browning Arms Company is a wholly owned entity of FN.

The last completed design, and possibly the most elegant firearm design, completed by famous small arms designer John Moses Browning, the Browning Superposed has been a top seller and highly prized firearm among sportsmen and shotgun collectors for nearly a century since introduction in 1931. FN's marketing challenge was to design and manufacture a modern over-under shotgun with all of the styling themes of the Browning Superposed, but manufacture and offer it at prices affordable to the everyday sportsman and competitive shooter. Selection of the manufacturing site became Japan (Miroku Corporation) to satisfy the required high quality and volume of production requirements. Over the decades, the Citori has proven to be everything FN wanted and more -- a high quality, reliable, yet an affordable, contemporary, fully featured shotguns designed from the timeless classic.

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