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Browning Citoris come in all of the popular shotgun shell gauges, and are made in an over-under "stacked" barrel configuration with forends and buttstocks made from high quality walnut wood. The top barrel has a vented rib attached by soldering for the entire length of the barrel tube. All metal parts are bright blued for the standard model, "in-the-white" higher grade models with more elaborate machine-applied engraving can also be purchased. Newer Citori internal barrels are chrome-lined for added surface strength. Citori actions are made with internal hammers and coil springs and all Citori models have shell ejectors, which expel spent empty shells when the breech is opened by pressing aside the top lever and bending the action fully open, which also re-cocks the internal hammers.

As is a decades old tradition among many shotgun manufacturers, the single trigger is gold-plated. Current Citoris feature screw-in "Invector" style choke tubes to regulate shot patterns downrange and thus provide versatility for usage in hunting and target shooting; older models had factory fixed chokes. Also, rubber recoil butt pads (12 gauge) or plastic butt plates (sub-gauges) are standard. Barrel lengths can be purchased from 26 inches for skeet target shooting, out to 32 inches for sporting clays and trap shooting enthusiasts.

The Browning Citori has a single trigger. A barrel selector mechanism is used to choose whether the top or bottom barrel fires first. The barrel selector is combined with the manual safety and is located at the top rear of the receiver, behind the top lever. If the first shot misfires and the gun does not recoil, the trigger can be reset to fire the second shot. This is accomplished by moving the safety / barrel selector back to the "safe" position and then forward to the "fire" position, without changing the barrel selection. Opening the action does not automatically engage the safety mechanism.

Some newer 12 gauge and 20 gauge Citori models have back-bored barrels. These are barrels with slightly larger bore diameters. Their purpose is to improve shot patterns by reducing the friction of the shot charge on the barrel wall, while also reducing felt recoil.

Older Citori models have fixed chokes and steel shot is not recommended. Newer models have screw-in choke tubes that can be used with either lead, bismuth, or steel shot. Models with conventional barrels use Invector choke tubes, while models with back-bored barrels use Invector Plus choke tubes.

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