Brown Corpus

The Brown University Standard Corpus of Present-Day American English (or just Brown Corpus) was compiled in the 1960s by Henry Kucera and W. Nelson Francis at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island as a general corpus (text collection) in the field of corpus linguistics. It contains 500 samples of English-language text, totalling roughly one million words, compiled from works published in the United States in 1961.

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Brown Corpus - Part-of-speech Tags Used
... WRB wh- adverb (how, where, when) Note that some versions of the tagged Brown corpus contain combined tags ...
Part-of-speech Tagging - Issues
... example, where "blue" is clearly not functioning as an adjective (the Brown Corpus tag set appends the suffix "-NC" in such cases) the word "blue" has 4 letters ... "do" as categories in their own right (as in the Brown Corpus), or as simply verbs (as in the LOB Corpus and the Penn Treebank) ... It is largely similar to the earlier Brown Corpus and LOB Corpus tag sets, though much smaller ...

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