Brooke Davis - Storylines - Season 8

Season 8

The season starts with Brooke and Julian engaged and happier than ever. The two talk about the future and how Brooke can't have kids, so Julian proposes they spend all day in bed trying anyway. Haley comes over to tell Brooke about her pregnancy but catches Brooke and Julian in a compromising position. Shortly after Haley leaves, the police come to the door and arrest Brooke, and she is charged with a number of money-related crimes regarding Clothes Over Bros. Knowing she had nothing to do with this, a furious Brooke is released from jail and has Julian bring her to her store to meet with Victoria and Millicent, whom Julian had fly to Tree Hill from New York to deal with this, and the two of them eventually reveal that they lied about how much money the company makes to their investors to better support the launch of Clothes 4 Bros. Brooke watches as the company immediately goes under and her store gets shut down, its inventory then completely cleaned out. After a conversation with Millie asking her how she could have allowed and helped Victoria to do this, she seeks comfort in Julian and tells him everything's gone, but he reminds her she still has him, and always will. After meeting with the company lawyer to hear what they are being charged with and the consequences, she finds out about Quinn and Clay's shooting from Haley and goes to the hospital for support while Julian goes to pick up Jamie from the park. She offers moral support for Nathan and Haley, and she tells them about her legal troubles. She later asks Victoria if she was ever proud of her, saying that if she was, she never would have lied to make the company sound better than it actually is, and Victoria tells her she lied because she believes in Brooke and knew she could make miracles happen no matter what would happen, and Brooke tells Julian it's her fault that this happened because she empowered them to do this in her absence. Brooke meets with Victoria and she tells Brooke that her and the lawyers have come up with a way for Brooke to keep the company, but won't tell Brooke specifically what that entails. Brooke and Julian take Jamie for the day while Nathan and Haley are at the hospital with Clay and Quinn and they play baseball at the park with him, and he sleeps over as well, telling them they will make great parents someday. Brooke gets a visit from Millicent and she is told that Victoria's plan to have Brooke keep the company is Victoria going to prison to take the blame, and after Brooke tries to stop her and tells her she doesn't want her to go, Victoria says she has to do it because it is her fault. Brooke drops her off at the prison and watches as her mother goes in, sad that things had to end this way. Brooke visits her mom in prison and is surprised that Victoria's doing her job from behind bars, but after one of her investors comes to her store and tells her that thanks to their lies he lost all the money for his daughter's college education, she decides to sell her company to pay back all of her investors, but when she's told this would only return 70% of their lost money, she tells the attorney to liquidate all of her personal fortune as well, giving away everything she's got to help make things right. After Victoria finds out Brooke has sold the company that Victoria worked so hard to build and even went to prison to protect, she's furious with her daughter and calls her stupid, telling her she never wants to speak to her again and for her to not come visit her at the prison anymore. After Julian and Haley help her realize it is Victoria's own fault she's behind bars and she's the reason Brooke was forced to sell, she goes back to the prison and tells Victoria off, saying everything she's ever done was only done to make her proud, and regardless of whether or not Victoria's okay with Brooke selling the company, she tells her mother she will never have the opportunity to talk to Brooke as meanly and rudely as she did the day before, and says she won't be back to visit. She holds a press conference later that night, and promises her investors they will have all of their money back, then tells the press she looks forward to what comes next in her life.

The morning of Halloween, a woman knocks on Brooke's door saying "trick or treat", and after Brooke insults her for being too old to be a trick or treater, she is shocked to find the woman is actually Julian's mom, Sylvia Baker, who's come a few weeks before the wedding, telling them that she will pay for their entire wedding to give them the wedding they've always dreamed about. However, Brooke soon comes to find out that Sylvia is very opinionated and does not like Brooke's tastes, wants, and desires for her wedding, arguing with Brooke on almost every topic, from the bridesmaids dresses to the food to the photographer, and even Brooke's desire to design her own wedding dress. Once her company has officially been sold and she's no longer affiliated with Clothes Over Bros, she takes out her frustrations on Sylvia by saying she doesn't want her money or her input for the wedding and wants to do it her way with her budget, causing a rift between the two, though they later patch this up after Julian tells Brooke that Sylvia's only been acting how she has been acting because she is threatened by Brooke, since Sylvia was always the closest person in Julian's life before Brooke came along. After ruining most of the dishes she tries to cook for Thanksgiving dinner, she attends a large gathering at Nathan and Haley's for the holiday, where she's reunited with a fresh-out-of-prison Victoria, which Brooke is not pleased about at all, nor is she pleased that Victoria and Sylvia seem to be getting along great and bonding throughout the dinner. She later comes to find out that Sylvia was the one who found out about Victoria's release and invited her to dinner hoping that her and Brooke could fix things, but only did so to make Brooke happy, so Brooke tells her future mother-in-law that Julian is the man that he is because of Sylvia's influence and that's all the happiness she needs. After having a bad daydream of her wedding going horribly wrong due to how poor she's become and how bad it will be as a result, she realizes she has no inspiration whatsoever to continue re-planning her wedding now that she can no longer have the wedding of her dreams. While going through some old boxes looking for something to inspire her, she and Julian find the list of things Brooke always wanted to try but never did, which Millie created for her back in Season 6 and includes things such as skydiving, watching every James Bond movie, getting drunk at Octoberfest, learning to speak French, and more, so Julian helps her do almost everything on the list, and afterwards, he promises her that no matter what happens he will make sure that she will get to experience the final item left on her list, which is having a baby. As a huge storm is ripping through Tree Hill, Brooke and Julian argue over him suggesting they move to Los Angeles now that she no longer has her job in Tree Hill, which was one of her main reasons for staying. She accuses him of wanting her to lose her company so that they could move, and blows off steam by going for a drive despite the bad storm. Julian calls her and tells her to come home, and when she says she can't see the road well, he says he will come get her and she tells him where she is, but the call is then cut off when Brooke hits the brakes to avoid hitting someone standing in the middle of the road, which turns out to be Jamie's friend Chuck. She runs out of the car and asks him what happened, and he says there was an accident and points to a flipped SUV on the side of the bridge. She runs over to the car and finds Jamie, Madison, and Lauren, who's still unconscious. As Chuck and Madison wait in Brooke's car, Brooke helps Lauren out of the wreckage and tries to free Jamie as well, who's pinned down by his seatbelt. When Brooke realizes Chuck has a concussion and is having a hard time staying awake, she tells Lauren to use her car and take the kids to the hospital while she tries to free Jamie. Eventually Julian finds them, but right after he arrives, a speeding car dodges a downed powerline in the middle of the road and hits the back of the SUV, causing it to fall over the bridge and into the water with Brooke and Jamie still inside. Julian dives into the water and finds that now not only is Jamie trapped, but Brooke's leg is stuck underneath the steering wheel. Julian tells them the car is not sinking as the wheels are touching the bottom of the river, and the mood calms slightly until the levy breaks and water comes rushing into the car, and Julian is forced to save Jamie first while Brooke is still stuck inside, since Brooke tells him Jamie is just a child and needs help before she does. After getting Jamie out of the car and up to the road, Julian jumps back into the water and finds Brooke struggling to stay above the water, and by the time he frees her, she has lost consciousness and it seems as though she's drowned. He carries her up to the road and begins performing CPR on her, but she does not respond and he breaks down into tears thinking his fiance has died. However, Brooke's hand twitches and after a few more rounds of CPR she regains consciousness and coughs up water, and the ambulance arrives shortly after to take her to the hospital. After a bachelorette party thrown by Haley in which Brooke, Millie, Quinn, Alex, and Sylvia get extremely drunk and wake up not remembering the night before, the girls run around town with clues they find piecing together the events that took place. Brooke loses her engagement ring, and is also shocked to hear from a waitress that she kissed someone during their drunken outing, only to later find out that the guy she kissed was Julian, who came to the bar they were at to see her, and he also took her engagement ring so that she wouldn't lose it while drunk. After finding out that Sawyer is sick and Peyton will not be attending her wedding, she asks Haley to be her maid of honor. Brooke and Julian's wedding occurs in the following episode, with Victoria walking Brooke down the aisle after her father does not show up to the wedding, and Julian finally becomes Brooke's husband. Now that they are married, Brooke finds herself bored now that she no longer has a wedding to plan and Julian is off directing a commercial, so she comes up with the idea for her, Haley, and Quinn to dress up like superheroes and help people in need that Haley finds through the crisis center she works for. The three "heroes" help a young girl who's being bullied by three high school mean girls.

She spends all of Valentine's Day playing sexual role-playing games with Julian, and at the end of the night, he tells her that they should start looking into adopting a child, which Brooke is ecstatic about. The couple goes to an adoption agency and are interviewed by a 19-year-old mother-to-be named Chloe Hall, who's giving her baby up for adoption. Brooke makes her and Julian seem like the perfect couple, and Chloe believes this until she goes to Brooke's house to speak with her and walks into Haley's baby shower, where she hears a little more than she bargained for, such as Victoria's prison time and Brooke losing her company. Despite all of this, she ultimately decides to give her baby to Brooke and Julian when it's born. Chloe informs them that the baby will be coming sooner than expected, causing Brooke to begin trying to get the baby's room together. Chloe talks to Brooke as she's painting the room and tells her about the baby's father and why she chose to give the baby up for adoption, and soon after she leaves to go home, they get a call from the hospital that Chloe has gone into labor and the baby is coming tonight. Brooke and Julian rush to the hospital to be with Chloe for the delivery of their new baby, during which time Chloe says that she would probably be a great mother, she just doesn't want to raise the baby alone. However, Brooke and Julian are shocked when Chloe's boyfriend Eric, the father of her baby, shows up at the hospital and Chloe ends up deciding to keep the baby now that she can raise the little girl with her boyfriend, not alone, leaving Brooke crushed, especially because Chloe had a little baby girl, which is exactly what Brooke wanted. While dealing with the emotional aftermath of the adoption falling through, she receives a job offer from Clothes Over Bros to move to New York and return to the company to design. She discusses this with Victoria, who thinks it's a great idea that she should not turn down, and after Julian tells her he thinks it's a great idea as well, she decides to take the job. However, she later decides to turn down the job after she finds out shockingly enough that she's pregnant, which she finds out after Chase asks Alex to take a drug test for him as he's trying to enter the Air Force but smoked weed during the Kid Cudi show and could not take it, and when he gets a call from the lab saying the person who gave the sample is pregnant, he tells Alex she's pregnant as he thought she took the test but it is revealed that Alex wouldn't have been able to pass the test either as she ate pot brownies that Quinn made so she went to ask Julian to take the test but Brooke took it instead, meaning the person pregnant isn't Alex but actually Brooke. Quinn gets a photoshoot offer for B. Davis magazine to shoot a model in Puerto Rico and she invites Alex, Brooke, and Lauren to go with her. During the trip, Brooke tries to hide her pregnancy from Quinn and Lauren (with Alex already knowing about it because of the drug test) as she and Julian decided they didn't want to tell anybody as it's too early, but Quinn eventually figures it out when Brooke makes it obvious by not eating sushi and throwing all of her alcohol shots over her shoulder to avoid drinking them. When she returns to Tree Hill, she finds that Haley has decided to turn Brooke's former store back into Karen's Cafe now that she's moving to New York, causing Brooke to finally tell Haley that she turned down the job and is staying in Tree Hill because she's pregnant, and instead offers to be Haley's partner so they can open the cafe together.

In the season finale, several flash-forwards over the course of one year show Brooke at various stages throughout her pregnancy. Brooke and Haley officially re-open Karen's Cafe as business partners, and right around this time (approximately four months into her pregnancy), she finds out she's actually carrying twins. Three months later, she falls down as she is trying to get a bag of flour off of a high shelf at the cafe and her babies are delivered prematurely, although another flash-forward shows that her twin boys, Davis and Jude, are perfectly fine and healthy, and Brooke and Julian finally have the family they've always wanted.

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