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Season 7

Brooke and Julian have been happily together in the 14 months between Seasons 6 and 7, although they have spent much of the time apart. Brooke and Julian are having a romantic date at the beach when he tells her that he is leaving to produce a movie in New Zealand and will be gone for eight months, and she encourages him to do it even though she is clearly heartbroken. A few moments earlier, she wrote "Marry Me" in the sand but she never told Julian once she knew about his new movie. She attends Jamie's 7th birthday party and once again writes him a check for a large sum of money. After the party, Julian and Brooke go to the beach where he tells her that he turned the movie down to be with her, and he officially moves in. Brooke hires Alex Dupre as a model for COB after seeing her acting skills and beauty in a movie. But when Millicent picks her up and brings her to the store, she is not what Brooke expected and they begin coming up with ways to get rid of her. Alex overhears them, and when she comes out of the dressing room wearing Brooke's dress, she plays Brooke into changing her mind, unaware that the speech Alex gave to win Brooke over was actually a line from the movie Brooke watched Alex in. Alex begins taking an immediate interest in Julian. Julian begins working on a movie with Alex, until Victoria notices her crush on him and informs Brooke. After Alex tells Brooke she stripped naked for Julian Brooke fires her and tells Julian to sleep on couch.

On a girls night with Haley, she assures Brooke that Julian loves her and he's not going anywhere. Brooke has a pregnancy scare and wants to tell Julian but he left to see Alex as he fears she will begin using drugs again, and she doesn't get the chance to. Rachel returns to Tree Hill for a vacation and tries to apologize to Brooke for stealing money from her by giving her a cheque with interest, but Brooke slaps her and tells her to stay away. When she gets home to find that Julian is still with Alex, she cries in front of her bathroom mirror and says to herself "Why can't you be the one who gets the baby and the boy?" before throwing her birth control pills in the garbage. However, it is revealed that the doctor not only told Brooke she isn't pregnant, but that she can never get pregnant. She tells this to Julian who feels guilty he wasn't there.. She also battles with Millicent after she demands to be paid $500,000 for being the face of Clothes Over Bros (which she has become after Alex got fired), which hurts Brooke after all she's done for Millie and how ungrateful she's being despite of that. She tells Victoria about her problems with Millicent and how those problems are because of Alex's influence, and Victoria says she will "take care of Alex". Brooke is furious when Julian confides Alex that she can't have kids and that he wants kids. After talking with Victoria about the situation, Victoria helps her realize that Julian might not be the one for her, and she asks Julian to take another movie because she wants time to be alone with herself before she can trust him again. Julian calls her after he finds Alex in her bathtub after slitting her wrists, and she goes to the hospital to support her now estranged boyfriend. After finding out about Millicent's actions Brooke fires her and tells her to get help.

Brooke and Julian spend 6 weeks apart when Brooke goes on a business trip with Alexander to start her men's line, which she has officially named Clothes 4 Bros. She returns from her trip and runs into Julian at the airport, only to see that he's waiting for Alex. Julian comes to see her and they yet again fight about Alex, and when they fight again at Haley's concert. Julian tells Brooke he can't do it anymore and breaks up with her, leaving her heartbroken since she's still in love with him. She agrees to be the fashion designer for Julian and Alex's film. On the movie set, which is built to look like Lucas' house, she watches a set crew member paint Lucas' bedroom door brown, making her think of "the girl behind the red door" Brooke begins thinking about her relationship with Julian, and decides she wants to try to make things better, so she sweet-talks the hotel concierge into giving her Julian's room key, but when she enters the room, she finds Alex naked in Julian's bed, and hears a man in the shower, but when she sees Julian's sweater hanging from the bedpost. Believing Julian and Alex slept together, she punches Alex in the face on set the next day and gets banned from the set by Julian only to find out she actually slept with Alexander.. Once she realizes what a huge mistake she made, she apologizes to Julian and tells him the reason she's been acting so crazy is that she's still in love with him and misses him, and the two kiss and make up. They attend the funeral of Haley's mom together, Julian moves back in later that night, and they have a romantic evening alone. She attends Quinn's gallery opening and Julian tells her about Alex and Josh's sextape, and Brooke tells Julian he should help Alex through it, which surprises him considering her jealous history with Alex. Julian shows Brooke his finished movie, and despite him thinking it's bad, Brooke tells him she loved it, and encourages him to enter it in a film festival he's been too nervous to do. Victoria tells Brooke her she is returning to New York City and Alexander is coming with her to run Brooke's mens line, Clothes 4 Bros. As Victoria is about to leave, the two share a very emotional goodbye and Victoria tells Brooke how much she loves and how proud of her she is. Brooke the rest of the gang on a trip to Utah for the premiere of Julian's movie. After the premiere Julian proposes to Brooke on a walk through the snow.

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