Brooke Davis - Clothes Over Bro's

The initial Clothes Over Bro's line features styles from casual to dressy. It was an immediate hit with her customers, selling past their expectations on the website (which, in actuality, is also a valid retailer for One Tree Hill fans interested in purchasing the designs). The clothing line's success grew, putting Brooke in the difficult position of choosing between showcasing her designs at a New York fashion show and starting her career, or leading her Tree Hill cheerleaders to their final competition. In the end, Brooke chose the latter, once she realized that she was not yet ready to enter the fast-paced world of fashion and was more than happy to finish off her senior year with her friends. During an interview with the school's counselor, Brooke voices her intentions of studying fashion design after high school. Clothes Over Bro's continues to be recognized in season four, with Brooke's designs appearing in local fashion shows. When Brooke is involved in a cheating scandal, she's forced to keep from turning herself in to administration in order to maintain an offer to sell her clothing line by Victoria's Secret. She eventually does turn herself in to the principal, but does not get into trouble.

In season five, Clothes Over Bro's has become a full-blown fashion company headed by Brooke Davis herself, but with the business side carried out by her mother, Victoria. The Clothes Over Bro's dynasty consists of B. Davis Magazine and a high-end couture line. The Clothes Over Bro's logo (C|B) is incorporated on Peyton's drawing of a heart on fire. The label's name itself is based on the saying between Brooke and Peyton, "hoes over bros," and was first tagged in a conversation between Haley and Brooke. Brooke admits that she started her company "Clothes Over Bro's" to deal with her broken heart after her breakup with Lucas. When she moves back to Tree Hill, she opens a C/B store at Karen's Cafe. In season six, Brooke signs her company over to her mother, Victoria, after thinking Victoria had her attacked and robbed (it was later revealed to be Jack's brother). Her store remains empty for the majority of the season. In "I Would For You", Victoria returns telling Brooke the company is going under and if she doesn't return, hundreds will lose their jobs, and she reluctantly returns to the company. Victoria later signs the company back over to Brooke realizing her daughter is more important.

She hires an actress, Alex Dupre, to be the new face of Clothes Over Bro's, and after Millicent stands in for a model during a fashion show Brooke puts together at TRIC, she asks her to be a model as well. Currently Victoria is President of the company with Millicent as Vice President. Brooke is still the owner but runs her small store in Tree Hill.

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