British Weights and Measures Association - Aim of The BWMA - Campaigns


  • BWMA maintain that people should be free to use the metric system if they want, but that it should not be forced upon them. and specifically, the Association campaigns for freedom for traders to serve their customers in whichever measures both parties find most convenient.
  • BWMA campaigns against the metrication of road signs and in 2009 published their response to a consultation hosted by the UK's Department for Transport which discussed a proposal to require compulsory dual Metric/Imperial signage of height limits and width limits. BWMA's responded that dual-units signage should not be made compulsory, and that the legal provisions (from the 1980s) allowing voluntary dual-units signage should be repealed so that only Imperial units could be displayed. This, the BWMA claimed, was to "avoid confusion." (However, the BWMA also asserts that people should be free to choose whichever measurement system that they find most convenient.)
  • BWMA support the Metric Martyrs - a group of traders prosecuted for their defiance of the Weights and Measures Act and the Price Marking Order.
  • BWMA gives detailed advice on how traders can circumvent regulations mandating metric weights and measures.
  • BWMA members have published a number of books arguing for customary measures. These include The General Rule by BWMA President Vivian Linacre (Squeeze Press) and About the Size of It by Warwick Cairns.

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