British Rail Class 73 - Post-privatisation Operations - Transmart Trains (formerly The Class 73 Locomotive Preservation Company)


Transmart Trains (formerly The Class 73 Locomotive Preservation Company)

The Class 73 Locomotive Preservation Company (C73LPC) formed in 2004 to manage locomotive 73136 at Stewarts Lane Depot, London. 73136, the last 73 operated by EWS was renamed "Perseverance", is now fully fitted with TPWS and OTMR equipment following the implementation of OTMR during the summer of 2006. The locomotive is registered for use on the national rail network and is available for either short term 'spot' hire or medium term contracts. The loco was hired to the Bluebell Railway during 2009 to assist with its Northern Extension to East Grinstead. In August 2006, the company was contracted by GBRf to repaint GBRf's 73208 into BR Blue for future use on charter work with 73136. The company has also restored 73210 at Stewarts Lane Depot, this locomotive is privately owned. The loco moved to its new home on the Mid Norfolk Railway in September 2008.

The Class 73 Locomotive Preservation Company changed ownership in 2009 and was renamed Transmart Trains in 2010. Since the takeover, the company has expanded its operations and now manages five Class 73 locomotives. These are 73109, 73118, 73133, 73136, 73211. Number 73211 has been stripped for spares and is unlikely to return to service.

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