British Junior Open Squash - List of Winners By Category (Girls) - Prior To 1999

Prior To 1999

Year Under-14 Under-16 Under-19
1980 Lucy Soutter Alison Cummings
1981 Lucy Soutter Ruth Strauss
1982 Lucy Soutter Suzanne Burgess
1983 Lucy Soutter Lucy Soutter
1984 Senga Macfie Lucy Soutter
1985 Carolyn Mett Tracy Cunliffe
1986 Sue Wright Senga Macfie
1987 Melissa Fryer Donna Vardy
1988 Cassie Jackman Donna Vardy
1989 Sabine Schoene Donna Vardy
1990 Sabine Schoene Cassie Jackman
1991 Stephanie Brind Jenny Tranfield Cassie Jackman
1992 Laura Hamilton Pamela Pancis Sabine Schoene
1993 Isabelle Stoehr Natalie Grainger Sabine Schoene
1994 Vicky Lankester Tania Bailey Jenny Tranfield
1995 Elisabet Sadó Garriga Tania Bailey Jade Wilson
1996 Nicol David Simone Leifels Tracey Shenton
1997 Nicol David Elisabet Sadó Garriga Kim Hannes-Teunen
1998 Omneya Abdel Kawy Nicol David Tania Bailey

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