British Isles Traveller Support - Product Lines

Product Lines

BITS has several product lines:

  • 101 Books -- a series of books usable with multiple editions of Traveller RPG. They are inspired by the Supplement 1: 1001 Characters and Supplement 6: 76 Patrons books by GDW and the 101 Vehicles and 101 Robots books by Digest Group Productions.
  • Power Projection -- an adaptation of the Full Thrust game engine to the Traveller Setting.
  • At Close Quarters -- an add-on board game and miniatures game for the Marc Miller's Traveller edition of Traveller.
  • Software -- Bits acts as a releasing house for several authors Traveller support software, including Universe, InifiV, GURPS Traveller Shipyard and GURPS Traveller Bestiary.
  • Informational Publications -- an illustrated Bibliography of the Traveller RPG, and an index of magazine articles for the Traveller game in a variety of media.


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