British Heavyweight Championship - Title Histories - British Wrestling Association 1930-1950

British Wrestling Association 1930-1950

Wrestler: Times: Date: Place: Notes:
Atholl Oakeley 1 1930 Won a series of matches to become the first champion.
Vacant 1935 After Oakeley retired due to injury
Bill Garnon 1 1935 London, England
M. Fazal 1 1937
Alan Muir 1 1938
Michael O'Leary 1 1939
Vacant Michael O'Leary was killed during the outbreak of the war, he died undefeated.
Bert Assirati 1 27/01/1945 Manchester Assirati had been claiming the title since 1940.
Vacant 1950 After Assirati left for India.

Disputed claims 1934-1938
Wrestler: Times: Date: Place: Notes:
Bill Garnon 1 1934 London Some claim Garnon's first reign began one year earlier
Douglas Clark 1 02/11/1934 Manchester
George Gregory 1 1938 Won by default when Clark no-shows scheduled defense.
Vacant Until Bert Assirati is recognised as champion

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