British Columbia Social Credit Party - Party Leaders

Party Leaders

  • Andrew Henry Jukes, 1937-48, leader of the Union of Electors faction, 1948-49.
  • No leader as such of the Social Credit Party/Social Credit League emerged until the 1952 election. However, Eric Martin and Lyle Wicks were the most obvious figures of a collective leadership. At the 1952 party convention Wicks, W.A.C. Bennett and Rev. Hansell were nominated for the party leadership. Wicks and Bennett both withdrew in favour of Hansell who was the hand-picked choice of Alberta Social Credit leader and Premier Ernest Manning. Following the election, Wicks, who was party president, called a second leadership convention at which only Social Credit MLAs could vote. This was won by Bennett.
  • Reverend Ernest George Hansell, M.P. for Macleod (Alberta), leader for the 1952 election.
  • W. A. C. Bennett (July 15, 1952 - November 24, 1973) *
  • William R. Bennett (November 24, 1973 - July 30, 1986) *
  • William Vander Zalm (July 30, 1986 - April 1, 1991) *
  • Rita Johnston (April 2, 1991 - March 7, 1992) *
  • Jack Weisgerber (interim) (March 7, 1992 - November 6, 1993)
  • Grace McCarthy (November 6, 1993 - May 1994)
  • Lyall Franklin Hanson (interim) (May 1994)
  • Cliff Serwa (interim) (May - November 1994)
  • Larry Gillanders (November 4, 1994 - May 24, 1996)
  • Ken Endean (interim) (May 1996 - March 1997)
  • Mike Culos (April 1997 - April 2000)
  • Eric Buckley (April 2000 - October 2000)

Eric Buckley left Social Credit in October 2000 to join the British Columbia Party. The position of party leader has been vacant since that time.

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