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Vacuum Coffee Maker - Gallery of Process
... Step 1 Water is heated to a boil in the glass carafe Step 2 Coffee grounds are prepared and placed in glass container Step 3 The stem of the coffee ground container is ... then stirred for one minute Step 5 At this point, the coffee has been fully brewed, but still contains the coffee grounds ... Step 6 As the glass carafe cools, the brewed coffee is pulled through the filter of the coffee ground container (by gravity and pressure difference ...
Coffee Equipment Company
... Coffee Equipment Company was a Seattle-based manufacturer of coffee equipment ... The company focused on producing equipment that creates high-quality brewed coffee ... first product was the Clover 1s, a machine that produces brewed coffee one cup at a time ...

Famous quotes containing the word coffee:

    you who put gum in my coffee cup
    and worms in my Jell-O, you who let me pretend
    you were daddy of the poets, witchman, you stand
    for all, for all the bad dead, a Salvation Army Band
    who plays for no one. I am cement. The bird in me is blind
    as I knife out your name and all your dead kind.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)