Breakfast With The Beatles

Breakfast with the Beatles is a popular programming segment format on FM radio in cities in the USA. The segment format typically features one or more hours of programing consisting exclusively of music by or related to The Beatles. Several nationally syndicated variations exist as well as many locally produced versions.

Program contents include Beatles recordings; solo recordings by former members of the Beatles; cover versions of songs written or performed by the Beatles or the former members thereof; music by close associates of the Beatles, such as Yoko Ono, and the children of members of the band; news, features, and interviews related to the Beatles, former members and associates; and interviews with experts on Beatle history and trivia.

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... In 2008, Chris Carter took Breakfast With The Beatles to Little Steven’s Underground Garage on Sirius XM Satellite Radio ... Carter’s Sirius/XM version of Breakfast with the Beatles is presently the only officially EMI/Apple sanctioned Beatles show on the air ... A syndicated version of the program format, Dennis Mitchell's Breakfast With The Beatles, is carried to 50 North American radio stations, one in Great ...
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    It’s like the Beatles coming together again—let’s hope they don’t go on a world tour.
    Matt Frei, British journalist. Quoted in Listener (London, June 21, 1990)

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