Breaker 1/9

"Breaker 1/9" is a song by Common, released in 1993 as the second single from his debut album Can I Borrow a Dollar?. Produced by Immenslope, it samples both "Between the Sheets" by The Isley Brothers and "Black Jack" by Donald Byrd. Its beat also contains "booming" drums sampled from "Get Out of My Life, Woman" by Lee Dorsey and made for the "jeep beat collective." Its lyrics recount romantic adventures humorously. It holds the worst chart position of any single from that album, yet still reached #10 on the Hot Rap Singles chart.

"Breaker 1/9" is originally a Citizens' Band radio slang term telling other CB users that you'd like to start a transmission on channel 19, and is the phrase that starts C. W. McCall's 1975 novelty hit "Convoy".