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Besides tourism, winegrowing is the most important branch of industry. Vines are worked overwhelmingly in steep-slope vineyards in an area of 323 ha. Customarily, it is Riesling that is grown, although in some even and steep-slope vineyards smaller quantities of Müller-Thurgau, Kerner and Dornfelder are grown.

Brauneberg’s vineyards belong to the winemaking appellation – Großlage – of Kurfürstlay, and are further grouped into these locations:

  • Mandelgraben

The vines at Mandelgraben cover an area of 175 ha. The name refers to the almond trees (Mandel means “almond” in German) that once grew here.

  • Klostergarten

Klostergarten is with its 95 ha Brauneberg’s second biggest vineyard. The name comes from the garden (Garten) at the Franciscan convent (Kloster) in the outlying centre of Filzen.

The steep slope opposite Brauneberg is called Juffer (Moselle Franconian for standard German Jungfer or Jungfrau – maiden or virgin). Within this location, the area around the sundial (Sonnenuhr) is regarded as the choicest part of the vineyard and is given the name Juffer Sonnenuhr.

  • Kammer

This small vineyard of only 0.38 ha likewise lies in the Juffer underneath a jutting crag.

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