Brandybuck Clan - "Brandybuck" As A Translation

"Brandybuck" As A Translation

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The name Brandybuck is stated to be a rendering of the original Westron (Common Speech) Brandagamba, Marchbuck. In keeping with the conceit that The Lord of the Rings was derived from the translated Red Book of Westmarch, Tolkien claimed to have translated all its Westron words into English — including the names of characters.

While Marchbuck ("march" bearing its archaic meaning of "border") is the exact representation of Brandagamba, Tolkien rendered it Brandybuck to preserve the name's similarity with the River Branda-nîn (Baranduin in Sindarin), which Tolkien then rendered Brandywine in English to reflect an alternate name, Bralda-hîm, meaning "heady ale", referring to the river's golden-brown colour.

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