Bradoon Rein

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Parts of The Bridle
... head on an object, or if the bit is low in the horse's mouth and tightened reins raise it up, loosening the cheeks ... Reins The reins of a bridle attach to the bit, below the attachment for the cheekpieces ... The reins are the rider's link to the horse, and are seen on every bridle ...
Double Bridle - Holding The Reins - "3 To 1" Rein Hold
... In the 3 to 1 rein hold, one hand (historically, the left hand) holds three reins and the other only one rein ... The three-rein hand controls both curb reins and the bradoon rein which belongs to that side, and the other hand simply holds the other bradoon rein and the whip ... Today the 3 to 1 rein hold is used while training, rather than competition, although it is still seen used by the Spanish Riding School ...

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    Daniel Goleman (20th century)