Bradbury Robinson - Medical Career, Military Service, Family - Second Marriage, Life in Europe, Return To U.S.

Second Marriage, Life in Europe, Return To U.S.

Robinson elected to stay in France to pursue post-graduate work in 1919, where he met Yvonne Marie Dewachter (1898–1966), while both were students at the University of Bordeaux. Dewachter was the elder daughter of merchant and renowned landscape painter Louis Dewachter (nom de peintre Louis Dewis). While Robinson spoke hardly a word of French, Dewachter was fluent in English. A courtship ensued and the couple were married on August 12, 1919 in Paris. They had seven children: Lois, Nadine, Richard, Janine, Yveline, Jacqueline and Corrine.

The growing family moved from one European city to another as Robinson continued clinical studies across the continent from 1920 to 1926 as a surgeon on the staff of Hugh S. Cumming, Surgeon General of the United States. Cumming had been ordered to Europe to study the sanitary conditions of the ports to prevent the introduction of disease into the United States by returning troops. In 1925, he inaugurated a plan for the medical inspection of immigrants abroad in the principal countries of origin. Robinson played a role in both programs. The New York Times reported his arrival in New York City for a visit to the States in 1922:

One of the first-cabin passengers who arrived yesterday from Liverpool...on the White Star liner Adriatic was Dr. Bradbury N. Robinson of the United States Public Health Service, who has been in England for two years assisting British officials at Liverpool and other ports in the examination of emigrants. He said that fully 25 per cent of the emigrants leaving Liverpool while he was there had to be what he termed "disinfested." Those who came from Southern Europe were clean because they had passed through so many disinfecting stations.

Robinson and his family moved to the United States to stay in 1926, locating to St. Louis, Michigan in September of that year. He was drawn to the small city because of its natural mineral-rich water, which he believed would play an important role in his naturopathic and holistic medical practice. A frequent author on medical matters, he opened the Robinson Clinic in St. Louis in 1935. He was twice elected the city's mayor, in 1931 and 1937.

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