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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 - Reception - Post-release
... Super Mario Advance 4 Super Mario Bros. 3 has received very positive reception, considered one of the best Game Boy Advance games ever made. 25 reviews, making it the third highest-rated Game Boy Advance game ...
Game Link Cable - Fourth Generation
... The fourth and last generation Game Link Cable, called the Game Boy Micro Game Link Cable (model OXY-008), was designed specifically for use with the Game Boy Micro ... The Game Boy Micro features an even smaller link cable port than the Game Boy Advance, so it too requires its own Game Link Cable ... generation connector on each end which allows two Game Boy Micros to link ...
Game Link Cable - Third Generation
... The third generation started with the release of the Game Boy Advance which was released alongside its own link cable called the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable (model AGB-005) It features yet another new type of ... This link cable can only be used for connecting Game Link compatible Game Boy Advance games ... except that it adds an extra protrusion on the plug and a notch on the socket to prevent a Game Boy Advance Game Link cable from being accidentally inserted into older model Game Boy systems ...

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    Art is a concrete and personal and rather childish thing after all—no matter what people do to graft it into science and make it sociological and psychological; it is no good at all unless it is let alone to be itself—a game of make-believe, or re-production, very exciting and delightful to people who have an ear for it or an eye for it.
    Willa Cather (1873–1947)

    A boy is not free to find a partner of his own as long as he must be the partner to his mother.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)

    You can’t say that civilization don’t advance ... for in every war they kill you a new way.
    Will Rogers (1879–1935)