Boxing At The 1972 Summer Olympics

Boxing At The 1972 Summer Olympics

Final results for the Boxing competition at the 1972 Summer Olympics: It was held August 27 to September 10, with the participation of 357 fighters from 81 countries.

Read more about Boxing At The 1972 Summer Olympics:  Medal Table, Light Flyweight (– 48 Kg), Flyweight (– 51 Kg), Bantamweight (– 54 Kg), Featherweight (– 57 Kg), Lightweight (– 60 Kg), Light Welterweight (– 63.5 Kg), Welterweight (– 67 Kg), Light Middleweight (– 71 Kg), Middleweight (– 75 Kg), Light Heavyweight (– 81 Kg), Heavyweight (+ 81 Kg)

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