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Safavid Dynasty - Economy - Foreign Trade and The Silk Route
... death blow to Venice as a trading nation, but it also hurt the trade that was going on along the Silk Route and especially the Persian Gulf ... identified the three key points to control all seaborn trade between Asia and Europe The Gulf of Aden, The Persian Gulf and the Straits of Malacca by ... British, Dutch and French in particular gained easier access to Persian sea-born trade ...

Famous quotes containing the words trade and/or born:

    It passes, and we stay:

    A quality of loss
    Affecting our content,
    As trade had suddenly encroached
    Upon a sacrament.
    Emily Dickinson (1830–1886)

    I’m right here to tell you, mister. There ain’t nobody gonna push me off my land. My grandpa took up this land seventy years ago. My pa was born here. We was all born on it. And some of us was killed on it. And some of us died on it. That’s what makes it ourn. Bein’ born on it. And workin’ on it. And dyin’ on it. And not no piece of paper with writin’ on it.
    Nunnally Johnson (1897–1977)