Borjigin - Yuan Dynasty Family Tree

Yuan Dynasty Family Tree

Genghis Khan founded the Mongol Empire in 1206. His grandson, Kublai Khan, after defeating his younger brother Ariq Böke, founded the Yuan Dynasty in China in 1271. The dynasty was overthrown by the Ming Dynasty during the reign of Toghaghan-Temür in 1368, but it survived in Mongolia, known as the Northern Yuan. Although the kingship was usurped by Esen Tayisi of the Oirats in 1453, he was overthrown in the next year. A recovery of the khaganate was achieved by Dayan Khan, but the territory was segmented by his descendants. The last khaan Ligden died in 1634 and his son Ejei Khongghor submitted himself to Hong Taiji the next year, ending the Northern Yuan regime. However, the Borjigin nobles continued to rule their subjects until the 20th century under the Qing.

Or in a different version (years of reign over the Northern Yuan Dynasty are given in brackets).


Taizu 太祖

Taizong 太宗

Ruizong 睿宗

Dingzong 定宗

Xianzong 憲宗

Shizu 世祖

Yuzong 裕宗

Xianzong 显宗

Shunzong 顺宗

Chengzong 成宗

Taiding 泰定

Wuzong 武宗

Renzong 仁宗

Tianshun 天順

Mingzong 明宗

Wenzong 文宗
1328-29, 1329-32

Yingzong 英宗

Huizong 惠宗
1333-68 ( -1370)

Ningzong 寧宗

Zhaozong 昭宗

Yizong 益宗

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