BOQ is an abbreviation for:

  • Bachelor Officer Quarters, which are buildings on U.S. Military bases for quartering commissioned officers (as opposed to BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters) used by enlisted personnel).
  • Bitter Old Queen, humorous gay slang
  • Bill of quantities - a term used in quantity surveying
  • Bank of Queensland

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Bank Of Queensland - History
... The company changed its name to Bank of Queensland (BOQ) and computerised its operations in 1970 ... In 1991 BOQ acquired Stowe Electronic Switching Pty Ltd and renamed it Queensland Electronic Switching Pty Ltd ... BOQ acquired the equipment financing business of UFJ Bank in Australia and New Zealand in 2003 ...
Wicked (musical) - Synopsis - Act II
... Boq is summoned, and he bemoans that Nessarose is as "wicked" as Elphaba for stripping the Munchkins of their rights and prohibiting them from leaving ... Nessarose explains that she did this to keep Boq with her, but is sure that he will stay with her of his own accord now that she is no longer crippled ... However, Boq insists that he should now be free to pursue Glinda instead, going so far as to brandish a knife when his "Madame Governor" refuses to let him go ...
List Of Oz Characters - Boq
... Boq is a minor character in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, depicted as a Munchkin who offers Dorothy shelter ... Boq plays a much larger role in the Wicked books and musical ... In Wicked, Boq is a Munchkin who attends Shiz University with Elphaba and Galinda ...
Bill Of Quantities - Contingency Sum
... sum is an item found within a Bill of quantities (BoQ) ... to existing services is not contained within the BoQ but some work is envisaged ... sum is where money can be allocated to any item, within the BoQ, in the same way as the above example or used as 'additional work to be undertaken by the contractor, at the request of the ...