Bop IT - Game Modes - Beat Bop (with Musical Commands)

Beat Bop (with Musical Commands)

The "Beat Bop" mode follows a similar format as the "Vox Bop (with voice commands)" mode (above) and the rules are roughly equivalent. The difference in "Beat Bop" mode is that the game uses sounds as commands instead of words. Thus:

  • "Bop It!" becomes the sound of a bass drum.
  • "Spin It!" becomes the sound of a wobbling wheel.
  • "Flick It!" becomes a "Boing!" sound.
  • "Pull It!" becomes the sound of a slide-whistle.
  • "Twist It!" becomes a cranking sound.
  • "Shout It!" becomes a DJ's scratching sound.
  • "Shake It!" becomes a cowbell sound.

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