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Boot X (Apple) - Boot Process
... In PowerPC-based Macintoshes, the boot process starts with the activation of BootROM, the basic Macintosh ROM, which performs a Power On Self Test to test hardware essential to startup ... of this task, BootX takes over the startup process configuring the keyboard and display, claiming and reserving memory for various purposes and checking to see if various key combinations are ... After this process has been completed BootX displays the grey Apple logo, spins the spinning wait cursor, and proceeds to load the kernel and some kernel extensions and start the kernel ...
Windows NT Startup Process - Boot Loader Phase - Loading The Windows NT Kernel
... The operating system starts when certain basic drivers flagged as "Boot" are loaded into memory ... At this point in the boot process, the boot loader clears the screen and displays a textual progress bar, (which is often not seen due to the initialization speed) Windows 2000 ... If the user presses F8 during this phase, the advanced boot menu is displayed, containing various special boot modes including Safe mode, with the ...
Option ROM - Standard IBM PC BIOS - BIOS Boot Specification
... Since these two methods don't offer a large amount of control over the boot process, the BIOS Boot Specification (BBS) was developed ... could be initialized at the start of the boot process, it could inform the BIOS about its functionality, and then it could be called later on in the boot process depending on ...

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