Book IV

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Emile, Or On Education - Book Divisions - Book IV
... Book IV also contains the infamous “Profession of a Savoyard Priest,” the section that was largely responsible for the condemnation of Emile and the one ...
Otto Von Guericke - Electrostatic Investigations
... Von Guericke describes his work on electrostatics in Chapter 15 of Book IV of the Experimenta Nova ... in the Technica Curiosa, he notes that the then projected Book IV would be concerned with "cosmic potencies" (virtutes mundanae) ... In Chapter 6 of Book IV von Guericke writes "It seems reasonable to suppose that if the Earth has a fitting and appropriate attractive potency it ...
Phaon (fiction) - List of Major Characters
... Guyon destroys her Bower of Bliss at the end of Book 2 ... is the head of the House of Temperance in Book 2 ... Ate, a fiend from Hell disguised as a beautiful maiden, Ate opposes Book IV's virtue of friendship through spreading discord ...

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