Bonez - List of Experiments - 6-Series


Num Pod Color Nickname Short Description Episode
600 Blue Woops A purple, skinny, Stitch-like experiment with huge yellow buckteeth, a football-shaped head with three short white-tipped antennae and a short white-tipped tail. Designed to be indestructible and able to do anything and has all the powers of Stitch, but is a klutz who accidentally bumps into everything. The only thing he can say is, of course, "woops." His one true purpose is being a valued member of Pleakley’s bowling team (because the one thing he can actually do is knock things over, including bowling pins). He is the first prototype of Stitch and is a massive failure. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen 224
601 Blue Kixx A large, purple, muscular, beastly, Tasmanian Devil-like creature with bulky legs and torso, four strong arms with three fingers on each paw, a blue oval spot on each elbow, short ears, hardly any neck, a wide mouth, a round nose, and black eyes. Designed to be a bully with special kickboxing skills. His one true place is teaching kickboxing, and has his own instructional video entitled "Kickboxing with Kixx". He is voiced by Frank Welker. 103, Leroy & Stitch
602 Blue Sinker A small, purple shark-like experiment designed to destroy and sink enemy ships with its large dorsal fin. His one true place is at a Japanese restaurant where he uses his large fin to cut up vegetables and fillet fish for the chefs to make sushi. 124
603 Yellow Zap A bright yellow, living laser beam and has lightning-shaped antennae, dark blue eyes, and a small limbless dog-like body. He was caught by Gantu with the help of experiment 627 in "627", but was later rescued in "Snafu". 123, 226
604 Yellow Houdini A whitish-tan rabbit-like experiment with four brown spots on each elbow and knee, pink mark on his chest and stomach, purple markings on his back and ear tips and a little face with a small mouth, dark pink nose, and huge black eyes. Designed to make anything and himself disappear with a blink of his huge eyes, though he can also make them re-appear. His eyes are sensitive to intense light (i.e. camera flashes), which cause him to blink reflexively and randomly make surrounding objects or creatures disappear. He is also easily spooked. He is named after Harry Houdini. His one true place is as a Hollywood magician. He was one of the twelve new pods found by Lilo and Stitch in "Drowsy". He is voiced by Rob Paulsen. 119
605 Warpstron Leroy & Stitch
606 Blue Holio A small, red, chipmunk-like creature with a large mouth, two thin antennae, and three thin back spines. Designed to create a matter-sucking black hole when he opens his mouth. His one true place is in construction, clearing up waste. He is voiced by Frank Welker. 116, Leroy & Stitch
607 Blue Launch A tan naked mole rat-like experiment with four spines on her back. Designed to warp the fabric of time and space, causing the entire universe to collapse upon itself. 607 itself never actually appeared in the series, but she was the pod on the sandcastle in 627. Rufus the Mole Rat was mistaken for this experiment in the Lilo & Stitch/Kim Possible crossover episode until Stitch identified him as not being one of the "cousins". 123, 208
608 Blue Slugger A small, yellow, pterosaur-like experiment. Designed to deflect projectiles with his tail shaped like a baseball bat. His one true place is as a coaching assistant for Little League baseball. 139, Leroy & Stitch
609 Green Heat An orange dog-like experiment with small eyes, a big mouth, small ears and a large black oval on his forehead. Designed to fire heat from the black oval in his forehead. Heat was captured by Gantu, but rescued by Lilo and Stitch in "Snafu". 126, 226
610 Witch Leroy & Stitch
611 Blue El Fin (Doomsday) Designed to make the universe implode when Jumba speaks the password. Fortunately, Jumba forgot the password. Called the "ultimate super weapon", Gantu thought that he had 611's pod in "Houdini" but he was actually reading 119's pod upside down. His original name was Doomsday, but this was changed due to a copyright issue. 119
612 Blandzilla A red dinosaur-like experiment with round spikes down its back and two spines on the back of its head. Function unknown. Leroy & Stitch, Lilo & Stitch 2-Disc: Special Edition
613 Yellow Yaarp A small, blue, lemur-like experiment with Drowsy-like ears, but with darker tips instead of stripes, four arms and a megaphone-like antennae on his head. Designed to make a literally deafening sonic blast. After Pleakley captured him because Stitch could not, he named him with a word from his native planet. His one true place as an alien invasion alarm and a buzzer for the hula school. He also operates the scoreboard for the game show in "Spike". Leroy & Stitch
614 Blue Gunner A small, bluish teal dinosaur/salamander-like experiment with a roughly reptilian face with wide mouth, small blue eyes, a small round body, little arms and legs with small hands and feet, some dinosaur qualities, long tail, and black markings on his back. He also have a type of Alien/chameleon-like tongue that shoots blue plasma blasts. Seen in pod form in Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch special feature the experiment profiler. Function unknown. Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
615 Yogee Leroy & Stitch
616 Joey Leroy & Stitch
617 Blue Plasmoid A large green scorpion-like creature with a pincer-less tail. Designed to shoot explosive balls of plasma from his tail. Revealed with Dupe (344), Thresher (544), Hammerface (033), and Heat (609). 617 was sent to Dr. Hämsterviel, but was rescued in "Snafu". 126, 226
618 Crystallene Leroy & Stitch
619 Blue Splodyhead A small red, six-legged reptilian dog-like experiment with a red-purple-striped horn on his head, brick-red markings on his forehead and back, short red-orange-tipped ears, blue eyes with red-purple spots around them and a hole-like nose. Designed to shoot fiery plasma blasts from his nose, as well as being able to see in the dark, and climb on walls and ceilings. His one true place is with David, lighting luau torches. He apparently comes over to Lilo's house, as shown in 'Slushy'. He helped to fight Slushy with fire against ice. In the Slushy episode, Jumba erroneously refers to him at "515". 117, 127
620 Page Leroy & Stitch
621 Blue Chopsuey A green, skinny Stitch look-alike with a spiky yellow mohawk and two prominent fangs jutting from his lower jaw. He has all of Stitch's powers and is jealous of all the attention Stitch gets. In the PlayStation 2 game Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 he steals the DNA that Stitch collects for Jumba, mutating into a stronger form. The plot of this game has since been retconned from canon continuity due to the events depicting Stitch being apprehended immediately after his creation in Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch. However, 621 could still have the same physical appearance and personality. He is both very physical and well-equipped. His weapons include Jet-Pack, Grapple-Gun, rocket-launching Big Gun, and Freeze Gun. The second true prototype of Stitch but he does not appear in the series and has no record from Disney so 625 or Reuben takes this prototype number. He also has the strange ability to mutate when power is charged at most extreme. He is voiced by Frank Welker. Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626, Leroy & Stitch
622 Jumby Leroy & Stitch
623 Trainer Leroy & Stitch
624 White Angel A pink female experiment with a strong feminine resemblance to Stitch and his primary love interest, with two long tendril-like violet-tipped antennae, violet-tipped ears, small eyelashes, white V-shaped symbol, slightly larger chest puffed out and dark pink Stitch-like back markings (originally upside-down heart-shaped or sometimes gone). Designed to sing a song that turns "good" experiments (i.e. rehabilitated experiments) to "bad" (i.e. evil), though it also worked on Jumba. Stitch and Reuben are immune to the song's effect, as they were created after she was. The spell can be reversed by Angel singing the song backwards or by playing a recording of her song in reverse. She is in love with Stitch and is the closest one to him. Experiment 625, Reuben, has feelings for her, calling her 'toots', 'sweet lips' and 'hotcakes,' but Angel rejected him. Angel was caught by Gantu but rescued in Snafu. In the English adaptation of the TV series Stitch!, she has moved on to become a famous singer who still manages to visit Stitch occasionally. During this series, it was discovered that her song could affect Stitch if sung in a different voice, such as when she lost her voice when she caught a cold. She is voiced by Tara Strong. 125, 215, 226, Leroy & Stitch, Stitch Jam, Stitch!
625 Blue Reuben A golden, chubbier version of Stitch with short ears that flop down at the sides of his head, three small antennae that look like a tuft of fluffy fur, pointed fingers, short stumpy legs, hourglass-shaped marking on his back and two flat teeth sticking out of his mouth and overlapping his bottom lip (in the Disney Adventures Magazine Comics before Lilo & Stitch, he was blue). He has all the powers of Stitch, but is incredibly lazy and a terrible coward, making him almost useless as a villain. His one true talent is the ability to produce large quantities of sandwiches, particularly cheese sandwiches. Only referred to as 625 in the series and Stitch! The Movie, was finally named Reuben by Lilo during Leroy & Stitch. He speaks English with a hint of a Brooklyn accent. Reuben serves as Gantu's wisecracking sidekick during the series, often verbally abusing him. He occasionally teams up with Stitch against Gantu, mainly if Stitch is acting alone. After receiving his name and working alongside Lilo in Leroy & Stitch, he found his one true place alongside a newly recommissioned (and redeemed) Captain Gantu as his Galley Officer, who had been getting fond of his chicken salad. He is later an ally to Stitch. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen. Disney Adventures Magazine, Most episodes, Stitch! The Movie, Leroy & Stitch
626 none Stitch Stitch is a blue, koala-like experiment with large rabbit-like ears, a wide mouth, a round nose, black eyes, a small, short, stubby tail, two nose wrinkles, one chin wrinkle, three tuffs of sharp hair on top of his head and on his chest as well as two extra, retractable arms, three retractable spines that run down his back (the first spine is the shortest, then longest, then medium), sharp retractable claws on his front and back paws and two retractable antennae on his head. Designed to be abnormally strong, virtually indestructible, super intelligent and very mischievous. He can think faster than a supercomputer, he is fireproof and bulletproof, can spit acid, can hear in different hearing levels, can see in the dark, can jump really high, can climb up walls and walk on ceilings, can roll into a ball, have super sight and hearing and lift objects 3000 times his own weight (but not an ounce more). His only weakness is water, as he cannot swim due to his molecular density. When he becomes good, he has a heart of gold. His one true place is, of course, as Lilo's "dog." He is the first experiment to be created without Dr. Hämsterviel's funding. He is the most successful experiment Jumba has made. He's also the main character and hero in the series and in the movies. He has a romantic relationship with Experiment 624, Angel and, later, acts like a brother to both her and Reuben. He is voiced by Chris Sanders. He is the first successful destructing experiment Jumba created after 2 failures 600 and 625 All episodes and movies and magazines
627 Blue A red and yellow, conehead, purple-nosed, monstrous experiment that looks like a bigger, badder, and worse-mannered version of Stitch, with the same face expression, ear notches at the top of each ear, a wiry body, dark eyes, four extra retractable arms, four retractable spines that run down his back (the first and last spine are the shortest, the second spine is the longest, then medium), black sharp retractable claws on his front and back paws, retractable antennae, and an extra retractable head as well. He also have a type of Alien-like outstretchable mouth. He is the first experiment to be created on Earth with limited alien technology and without Dr. Hämsterviels funding. Designed to have all the powers/strengths of Stitch and 20 other experiments, but none of their weaknesses. All 627 can say is "evil". 627 was mostly stronger and healthier than Stitch. 627's other powers include telekinesis, electricity, plasma shoot and ice breath. His only apparent weakness is his loud, uncontrollable laughter. Even though seemingly "indestructible", 627 was outwitted and dehydrated back into an experiment pod by Stitch and Lilo, using a commercially available home food dehydrator, and he had been dehydrated for three years. After this, he did not appear again except for in a video recording in "Mrs. Hasagawa's Cats/Ace" and a dream sequence in "Remmy". He is also briefly mentioned in Leroy & Stitch. He is voiced by Chris Sanders. He is the only experiment to keep his number as a name since Lilo did not give him one. 123
628 Blue Created after Stitch defeated 627. Seen only in pod form at the end of "627" as Jumba locked it away in a vault, saying "So much for experiment 627. Perhaps I will have better luck next time". This experiment does not appear any more in the series. 123 as Pod

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