Bonez - List of Experiments - 0-Series


Num Pod Color Nickname Short Description Episode
001 Blue Shrink A small purple experiment with a white lower jaw and chest, three wobbly legs, two stubby little arms and two floppy antennae with two rings on each antenna. Designed to zap a green ray from his antennas to change the size of objects. His picture appears on the wall of Jumba's lab in Leroy & Stitch, along with several other pictures of Jumba and Dr. Hämsterviel's early accomplishments. Leroy & Stitch
002 Purple Doubledip A purple opossum-like experiment with two light purple stripes on the back of his ears, beady eyes and an orange nose (In Leroy & Stitch, his nose is dark purple). Designed to double-dip food. His one true place is with Mrs. Hasagawa as one of her "cats". He somehow changed in size in Leroy & Stitch. 220, Leroy & Stitch
003 Howcome Leroy & Stitch
004 Squawk Leroy & Stitch
005 Truxx Leroy & Stitch
006 Percy Leroy & Stitch
007 White Gigi (also known as "Yapper") She is a white Shih Tzu-like experiment with a purple bow. Designed to annoy people with her constant barking. She behaves like a typical "good dog": does tricks, licks her owner's face, fetches the morning paper, etc. Because of her appearance and behavior, 007 was adopted by Myrtle and wasn't recognized as an experiment until Jumba saw her. Her episode is named "Yapper" after the nickname Lilo gave her, but she is officially "Gigi" on the experiment name list in Leroy & Stitch. Her one true place is with Myrtle, as her pet. In Leroy and Stitch, it is revealed that she can speak English very well. At the end of the movie, Myrtle joins Lilo and Stitch's ʻohana because Gigi wants to be in it with the rest of Jumba's experiments. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille. 108, 118, 209, Leroy & Stitch
008 Orange/Brown Carmine Leroy & Stitch
009 Pop Leroy & Stitch
010 Green Felix/Oscar A green anteater-like experiment with a small body, mouth, arms and legs, a thin tail with a brushy fuzz at the end, a vacuum-like trunk that can fire lasers, dark eyes, short ears, and three dark-tipped spines. Designed to sterilize, disinfect, and clean everything in sight. However, he had a problem with doing these tasks: he threw anything away, assuming it was trash, and tried to "sterilize" anyone, assuming they were germs. 010 was upgraded to try to be less of a neat-freak. Instead, he turned into a dirt-maker (renamed Oscar), so Lilo gave him to Gantu. Gantu sent 010 to Hämsterviel, who didn't like him and sent him back. Gantu set him free, and Lilo and Stitch found him. Later, after he was upgraded, they sent him back to Gantu, who sent him back to Hämsterviel, who sent him back to Gantu when Woops almost broke his cover. Felix/Oscar was rescued later in "Snafu." The only thing that 010 can say with both of his upgrades is dirty but with Felix he says it disgustedly while with Oscar he says it happily. Both of 010's names are a reference to the main characters of The Odd Couple. He is voiced by Tress MacNeille. 131, 224, 226, Leroy & Stitch
011 Green Inkstain Leroy & Stitch
012 Antitherm Leroy & Stitch
013 Furry Leroy & Stitch
014 White Kernel A tan gourd-shaped experiment with a large opening at the top of his head. Designed to pop popcorn. His one true place is in a movie theater. Was mentioned in "Angel" when Jumba said "624 is harmless early experiment. Designed to...pop popcorn for Jumba's movie night." Leroy & Stitch
015 Ruggles Leroy & Stitch
016 Matt Leroy & Stitch
017 Lidds Leroy & Stitch
018 Puck Leroy & Stitch
019 White Clumsy Seen in pod form in Stitch! The Movie. Pod says 19 instead of 019. Function unknown. Leroy & Stitch
020 Red Slick A fast-talking, pink experiment with a resemblance to Jumba and Cannonball (520), but with a smaller face and two ebony-black eyes who wears a straw boater hat and bowtie, carries a cane, and acts as a salesperson who never turns down a customer. Designed to be able to sell anything to anyone. Lilo used him to get ahead in the chocolate bar selling contest/fundraiser, but Mertle took him. When Lilo took him back, Mertle took him back again. Lilo tried to take him back once more, but found out Mertle sold him to Reuben. Slick was rescued, but Lilo had to give up the contest by giving her last chocolate bar to Gantu as a swap for Slick. His one true place is at a fundraiser, following which he began working for charity, not profit. Slick was one of the experiments Lilo turned to for the capture of Ploot, but besides selling her an umbrella that she later used against Ploot, he didn't/couldn't help. He is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett. 205, 217, Leroy & Stitch
021 Twang Leroy & Stitch
022 Hertz Donut Leroy & Stitch
023 Cyclo Leroy & Stitch
024 Purple Hamlette An experiment designed to turn objects into ham. She was activated when Mrs. Hasagawa's cats were activated, as indicated by Gantu's experiment computer, but did not physically appear in the episode. She was referred to in Remmy when Pleakley said, "Is that the one that turns everything into ham?" 215, 220
025 White Topper A small yellow star-shaped creature with a little antenna on his head. Designed to be a beacon to signal the alien attack fleet, but the official Disney website states his purpose is to keep people awake with his bright light. Topper is given to a little girl as a Christmas present, then placed atop the local Christmas tree and emits a light so bright that aliens from other galaxies can see him from Earth. His number is likely a reference to Christmas Day (December 25). He is voiced by Tress MacNeille. 114, 132, Leroy & Stitch
026 Pawn Leroy & Stitch
027 Plushy Leroy & Stitch
028 White Lori leroy and stitch
029 Yellow and Purple Checkers A yellow centipede-like experiment that sits curled up like a crown on people's heads. Designed to make his wearer a king or queen by hypnotizing those around them, with the exception of higher experiments. The victims retain their normal personality while under its control, and the effect immediately wears off once Checkers is removed. Lilo first donned him, but her good intentions got many people arrested by Mertle for being "troublemakers" when they accidentally disobeyed Lilo's rules. When Lilo decided to step down, Gantu took Checkers and was in power until Stitch gathered several experiments to help overthrow him. His one true place is as a decorative crown for festivals. In the Stitch! Anime, it is shown that he will jump off his wearer if he eats really spicy foods. He is voiced by Billy West. 207, Leroy & Stitch
030 Vialet Leroy & Stitch
031 Gotchu An orange lobster-like experiment. Designed to run around and pinches things with his four pincers. His one true place is with Mrs. Hasagawa as one of her "cats." 220, Leroy & Stitch
032 Fibber A small orange experiment with small body, arms and legs, a large head with dark orange mark on the forehead, little antennae, a little mouth, a round nose, black eyes and four ears. Designed to detect lies. When a lie is told, he beeps loudly and the pattern on his forehead lights up. The bigger the lie, the louder he beeps, and the brighter the pattern lights up. Fibber was captured by Gantu, but rescued by Lilo and Stitch in "Snafu." He was also part of Pleakley's E.A.R.W.A.X. group in "Spike." Which was a blooper in the episode since he was captured by Gantu at the time. He is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett. 113, 201, 224, 226, Leroy & Stitch
033 White Hammerface (also known as "Hammerhead") A blue dinosaur-like experiment with short forearms and a thick tail and legs. Designed to drive in nails around Jumba's house with his hammer-shaped head/face, but at times he will pound living things. He was bought and trained by Gantu, turned into an army of 100 weaklings by Dupe, and rescued by Lilo's rescue team in "Snafu." 033 was called "Hammerhead" by Pleakley in "The Asteroid". In "Stitch! The Movie", his number is 124. 109, 126, 213, 215, 224, 226, Leroy & Stitch
034 Splort Leroy & Stitch
035 Philip Leroy & Stitch
036 Poki A small yellow and brown opossum-like experiment with a spiked tail. Designed to poke holes in liquid containers. Was seen in "Shoe." 203, 215, Leroy & Stitch
037 Snipper Leroy & Stitch
038 Plats Leroy & Stitch
039 Atlas Leroy & Stitch
040 Backhoe A gray mole-like experiment with large black claws. Designed to scrape up vegetation, and is also an efficient digger. He was part of the "rebellion" in "Checkers," and he dug the pool for "Jumba and Pleakley's Bed and No Breakfast." First seen in "Shoe." 203, 207, 215, Leroy & Stitch
041 Kitsch Leroy & Stitch
042 Itch Leroy & Stitch
043 Cubesteak Leroy & Stitch
044 Green Forehead A pink, four-headed mustached experiment with four arms and four red bowties on his necks that speaks English. Designed to sing barbershop music off-key, agonizing anyone who hears it. His one true place is with Mrs. Hasagawa as one of her "cats." 220, Leroy & Stitch
045 Melvin Leroy & Stitch
046 Wedgie Leroy & Stitch
047 Lorider Leroy & Stitch
048 Echo Leroy & Stitch
049 White Picker This experiment was seen in pod form in Stitch! The Movie. His pod says 49 instead of 049, possibly due to the angle. Function unknown. Stitch! The Movie
050 Dunk Leroy & Stitch
051 Green Hocker A green experiment with a huge blue nose and a yellow spot around his eyes and a yellow stripe on his ears and tail (In his episode the spots and stripes were originally red.). Designed to spit acidic saliva that can burn through wood in about three seconds. His one true place is with Mrs. Hasagawa as one of her "cats." 220, Leroy & Stitch
052 Coco A chocolate-colored pink-haired lizard/Stitch-like experiment. Designed to turn things into chocolate (from a Disney Adventures magazine). She was given to Lilo by Stitch for her birthday. Disney Adventures Magazine
053 Whine Leroy & Stitch
054 Blue Fudgy An experiment made of chocolate that looks like a blob. Designed to drown people in his sticky sweetness. When he was activated, he was called 119, and he was mistaken for experiment 611. The mistake with his number was due to Jumba's untidy database, although Jumba later corrected this mistake. Was rescued in "Snafu." 119, 226
055 Snarfhonk Leroy & Stitch
056 Nibbiolo Leroy and Stitch"
057 Tenderizer Leroy & Stitch
058 Shortsheet Leroy & Stitch
059 Tornette Leroy & Stitch
060 Plink Leroy & Stitch
061 Anachronator Leroy & Stitch
062 White Frenchfry A small gray and white mustached experiment with four arms with three fingers on each hand, black eyes, a round nose, a little mouth, short ears, a chef's hat, and a spatula for a tail. Designed to use his lightning speed, which allows him to instantly prepare food or whip up a mini-tornado in battle. He is also the only experiment in the series that speaks French. Designed to be Jumba's personal chef, but instead made unhealthy food that quickly made people fat, then ate the fattened victims. However, he stopped when he learned that healthy food could be just as delicious. His one true place is running a healthy French fry hut. 202, Leroy & Stitch
063 Pufferizer Leroy & Stitch
064 Nappifier Leroy & Stitch
065 Britfood Leroy & Stitch
066 Glam Leroy & Stitch
067 Shady Leroy & Stitch
068 Tom Leroy & Stitch
069 H. T. Leroy & Stitch
070 White Flapjack Seen in pod form in Stitch! The Movie. Function unknown. Pod says 70 instead of 070. Stitch! The Movie
071 Yellow Penny Seen in pod form in Stitch! The Movie. Pod says 71 instead of 071. Function unknown. Leroy & Stitch
072 Stickystuck Leroy & Stitch
073 Cornerpiece Leroy & Stitch
074 White Welco This experiment was seen in pod form in Stitch! The Movie. Pod says 74 instead of 074. Stitch! The Movie
075 WooWoo Leroy & Stitch
076 Bath Matt Leroy & Stitch
077 Zawp A fat purple Nosy (199)-like experiment with black nails, a dark blue stripe around his torso between his chest and stomach, a dark blue circle on the top of his head, dark blue-striped ears, a larger belly and a slightly smaller, gold nose. Designed to irritate people with his constant snoring. His one true place is with Mrs. Hasagawa as one of her "cats." 220, Leroy & Stitch
078 White Snozzle Seen in pod form in Stitch! The Movie. Pod says 78 instead of 078. Function unknown. Leroy & Stitch
079 Fogger Leroy & Stitch
080 Dan Leroy & Stitch
081 Backscratcher Leroy & Stitch
082 White Plunge Seen in pod form in Stitch! The Movie. Function unknown. Pod says 82 instead of 082. Stitch! The Movie
083 Grimple Leroy & Stitch
084 Subwoof Leroy & Stitch
085 Screwup Leroy & Stitch
086 Clink A big green mouthless crab-like experiment with four legs, two large claws and a window on its chest. Able to capture and confine any other experiment inside the holding tank in his stomach by splitting in half, surrounding whatever he wants to catch, and joining together again. When Clink splits in two, he works with himself, yet he seems to have a separate mind for each half. 20 years in the future, Lilo, Stitch, and Skip encountered Clink in the possession of Hämsterviel, when Hämsterviel ruled Earth. 206
087 Puddles Leroy & Stitch
088 Decrisper Leroy & Stitch
089 Skip A purple hourglass-shaped experiment with small eyes. Designed to skip time by 10 minutes, because Jumba was too impatient to wait for his microwave to reheat his leftovers. However, there was an error in his program: he skips time by ten years. Fortunately, he has a reset button. Lilo used him to jump ahead 10 years and become a teenager, then 20 years later to become a full-fledged adult. However, since Lilo and Stitch were gone for 20 years, no one was there to catch experiments except Gantu. So 20 years later, Hämsterviel ruled Earth. 206, Leroy & Stitch
090 Fetchit This experiment was activated when Mrs. Hasagawa's cats were. Function unknown. 220
091 Nutsy Leroy & Stitch
092 Gutman Leroy & Stitch
093 Unkind Leroy & Stitch
094 White Louis B. Seen in pod form in Stitch! The Movie. Function unknown. Pod says 94 instead of 094. Stitch! The Movie
095 Coaster Leroy & Stitch
096 Cable Dude Leroy & Stitch
097 Dogalarm Leroy & Stitch
098 Cooper Leroy & Stitch
099 Spot A spotlight experiment that was supposed to be in "Spike" but was removed, and was supposed to appear later. He shines a spotlight on people. Looks like Heat. Seen in "Leroy and Stitch". Leroy & Stitch

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