Bone Pain

Bone pain is a debilitating form of pain emanating from the bone tissue. It occurs as a result of a wide range of diseases and/or physical conditions and may severely impair the quality of life for patients who suffer from it. Bone pain has multiple causes, such as extensive physical stress and diseases such as cancer. For many years it has been known that bones are innervated with sensory neurons. Yet their exact anatomy remained obscure due to the contrasting physical properties of bone and neural tissue. However, until recently, it was not determined what types of nerves innervated which sections of bone. The periosteal layer of bone tissue is highly pain-sensitive and an important cause of pain in several disease conditions causing bone pain, like fractures, osteoarthritis, etc. However, in certain diseases the endosteal and haversian nerve supply seems to play an important role, e.g. osteomalacia, osteonecrosis, and so on. Thus there are several types of bone pain, each with many potential sources or origins of cause.

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Bone Pain - Scientific Research and Future Treatments
... other animal models are being heavily used to determine the neuron tissue densities in bone and mechanisms for maintenance of bone pain ... of nerves going through the different sections of bone, it is possible to pin-point locations in the bone that are at a higher risk of being susceptible to ... helps reduce reactions associated with acute pain, indicating that it alleviates bone pain ...
Goserelin - Side Effects
... Goserelin Acetate may cause a temporary increase in bone pain and symptoms of prostatic cancer during the first few weeks of treatment. 2–3 weeks of Gosrelin treatment, particularly in patients with pre-existing bone symptoms ... Goserelin may cause bone pain, hot flushes, headache, stomach upset, depression, difficulty urinating (isolated cases), weight gain, swelling and tenderness of breasts (infrequ ...
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... Anubis Press 1993-07 Comic Book Black Feathers by The Mag Seven Cover End Sounds 2010-11 Album Bone Saw #1 Editor (w/ John Bergin), "Slave Cylinder" 32 pp ... "She Smiles in Pain and Glory" 1 p ... Kitchen Sink Press 1998-12 Comic Book Crow, The #1 Cover, "Pain" 32 pp ...
Filgrastim - Clinical Trial Experiences - Cancer Patients Receiving Myelosuppressive Chemotherapy
... In all phase 2 and 3 trials‚ medullary bone pain‚ reported in 24% of patients‚ was the only consistently observed adverse reaction attributed to Neupogen therapy ... This bone pain was generally reported to be of mild-to-moderate severity‚ and could be controlled in most patients with non-narcotic analgesics ... Infrequently‚ bone pain was severe enough to require narcotic analgesics ...

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