Bonding Electrons

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Transparent Materials - Absorption of Light in Solids - Transparency in Insulators
... block of metal, it encounters atoms that are tightly packed in a regular lattice and a "sea of electrons" moving randomly between the atoms ... In metals, most of these are non-bonding electrons (or free electrons) as opposed to the bonding electrons typically found in covalently bonded or ionically bonded non-metallic (insulating) solids ... In a metallic bond, any potential bonding electrons can easily be lost by the atoms in a crystalline structure ...
Bond Valence Method - Theory - The Ionic Model
... If these conditions are satisfied, as they are in many ionic and covalent compounds, the electrons forming a bond can all be formally assigned to the anion ... flux that links the cation core to its bonding electrons now links the cation core to the anion ... The association of the cation bonding electrons with the anion in the ionic model is purely formal ...

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    Such is the art of writing as Dreiser understands it and practices it—an endless piling up of minutiae, an almost ferocious tracking down of ions, electrons and molecules, an unshakable determination to tell it all. One is amazed by the mole-like diligence of the man, and no less by his exasperating disregard for the ease of his readers.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

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