Boiler Feedwater

Boiler feedwater is water used to supply ("feed") a boiler to generate steam or hot water. At thermal power stations the feedwater is usually stored, pre-heated and conditioned in a feedwater tank and forwarded into the boiler by a boiler feedwater pump.

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Boiler Feedwater - Locomotive Boilers
... Steam locomotives usually do not have condensers so the feedwater is not recycled and water consumption is high ...
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... The boiler feedwater is sprayed into section (E) where it is preheated by the rising steam from the sparger ... The purpose of the feedwater spray nozzle (A) and the preheat section is to heat the boiler feedwater to its saturation temperature to facilitate stripping out the dissolved gases in the following deaeration section ... The preheated feedwater then flows into the dearation section (F), where it is deaerated by the steam rising from the sparger system ...