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Woodward has co-authored or authored twelve #1 national best-selling non-fiction books, They are:

  • All the President's Men – about the Watergate scandal; (1974) ISBN 0-671-21781-X, 25th Anniversary issue in (1999) ISBN 0-684-86355-3; written with Carl Bernstein
  • The Final Days – about Nixon's resignation; (1976) ISBN 0-671-22298-8; written with Carl Bernstein
  • The Brethren – about the Supreme Court in the Warren E. Burger years; (1979) ISBN 0-671-24110-9; written with Scott Armstrong
  • Wired – on the death of John Belushi and the Hollywood drug culture; (1984) ISBN 0-671-47320-4
  • Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA – about the CIA's "secret wars" during the reign of William J. Casey; (1987) ISBN 0-671-60117-2
  • The Commanders – on The Pentagon, the first Bush administration and the Gulf War; (1991) ISBN 0-671-41367-8
  • The Agenda – about Bill Clinton's first term; (1994) ISBN 0-7432-7407-5
  • Shadow – on the legacy of Watergate and the scandals that faced later Presidential administrations; (1999) ISBN 0-684-85262-4
  • Bush at War – about the path to war with Afghanistan following September 11; (2002) ISBN 0-7432-0473-5
  • Plan of Attack – about how and why President George W. Bush decided to go to war with Iraq; (2004) ISBN 0-7432-5547-X
  • State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III – which revealed some interesting information about the Bush administration and the War in Iraq. Highly controversial, it appeared on the Today show just before its release; (2006) ISBN 0-7432-7223-4
  • The War Within: A Secret White House History (2006–2008) – (2008) ISBN 1-4165-5897-7
  • Obama's Wars – about the Obama administration's handling of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; Simon & Schuster, (September, 2010). ISBN 978-1-4391-7249-0 (441 pp)

Other books, which have also been best-sellers but not #1, are:

  • The Choice – about Clinton's re-election bid; (1996) ISBN 0-684-81308-4
  • Maestro – about Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan; (2000) ISBN 0-7432-0412-3
  • The Secret Man – about Mark Felt's disclosure, after more than thirty years, that he was Deep Throat. The book was written before Felt admitted his title, as he was sickly and Bob expected that someway or another, it would come out; (2005) ISBN 0-7432-8715-0

Newsweek has excerpted five of Woodward's books in cover stories; 60 Minutes has done segments on five; and three have been made into movies.

His latest book, "The Price of Politics", has gone on sale September 11, 2012. It shows how close President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner were to defying Washington odds and establishing a spending framework that included both new revenues and major changes to long-sacred entitlement programs.

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