Bob Benge - Exploits As A Warrior

Exploits As A Warrior

Living at Running Water enabled him to meet and operate with the Shawnee band of Chiksika and his brother Tecumseh, with which he most often went on raids and forays during the time they were at Running Water.

In one of his early raids, in spring, 1777 he is said to have captured two women while operating around Fort Blackmore, Virginia.

Afterwards he often operated with the mixed group of warriors led by Doublehead out of Coldwater Town at the head of Muscle Shoals on the Tennessee River. Among his exploits was saving the population of the town of Ustally in 1788 which John Sevier had slated for destruction. His raids carried him as far north as the Ohio River, as far northwest as deep southwestern Virginia, all over East Tennessee, and even occasionally southeast into Georgia and South Carolina. These included a joint raid between his party and that of Doublehead into the Kentucky hunting grounds where they killed and ceremonially ate two woodsmen in imitation of the terror tactics of the Iroquois during the Beaver Wars.

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