Blue Pox

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List Of Minor Circle Of Magic Characters - Dedicates and Novices of Winding Circle
... He worked together with Rosethorn in Briar's Book to find the cure for Blue Pox ... Dedicate Henna is a healer who works with Rosethorn and Briar in Urda's House during the Blue Pox plague in Briar's Book ... Moonstream is called to treat Dedicate Rosethorn towards the end of the Blue Pox plague, in Briar's Book ...
Briar's Book - Plot Summary
... that the hospital has been put under quarantine to help stop the "blue pox" - so named for the bluish sores that mark the skin - from spreading even further ... Together with the healers, they come to the conclusion that it isn't the blue spots that are necessarily dangerous, but the fever ... But that appears to be the only lasting damage, and the blue pox has vanished for good ...

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    The inconveniences and horrors of the pox are perfectly well known to every one; but still the disease flourishes and spreads. Several million people were killed in a recent war and half the world ruined; but we all busily go on in courses that make another event of the same sort inevitable. Experientia docet? Experientia doesn’t.
    Aldous Huxley (1894–1963)

    Rather than have it the principal thing in my son’s mind, I would gladly have him think that the sun went round the earth, and that the stars were so many spangles set in the bright blue firmament.
    Thomas Arnold (1795–1842)