Blowhole may refer to:

  • Blowhole (anatomy), the hole at the top of a whale's or other cetacean's head
  • Blowhole (geology), a hole at the inland end of a sea cave
  • Blowhole Diversion Tunnel in Victoria, Australia
  • Blowhole (Sexual Reference), Blowhole is also Vulgar slang for a woman's mouth during oral sex. And also for a man's penis.

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... Jack's Bay is noted for a large blowhole, known as Jack's Blowhole, a 55 metre-deep blowhole that formed when part of a sea cavern's roof collapsed ... The blowhole is 200 metres from the sea ... The bay, blowhole and nearby Tuhawaiki Island (sometimes called Jack's Island) are all named after Hone Tuhawaiki (also known as Bloody Jack), a paramount chief of Kai Tahu ...
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