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Comment (computer Programming) - Overview
... Comments are generally formatted as block comments (also called prologue comments or stream comments) or line comments (also called inline comments) ... Block comments delimit a region of source code in which the region is allowed to span multiple lines ... programming languages (such as MATLAB) allow block comments to be recursively nested inside one another, but others (such as Java) do not ...
Comparison Of Programming Languages (syntax) - Comments - Block Comments
... Block comments are generally those that use a delimiter to indicate the beginning of a comment, and another delimiter to indicate the end of a comment ... Languages ¢ ~ ¢, # ~ #, co ~ co, comment ~ comment ALGOL 68 /* */ ActionScript, AutoHotkey, C, C++, C#, D, Go, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP, PL/I ... --] Lua " " Smalltalk (comment...) Clojure ...

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    My note to you I certainly did not expect to see in print; yet I have not been much shocked by the newspaper comments upon it. Those comments constitute a fair specimen of what has occurred to me through life. I have endured a great deal of ridicule without much malice; and have received a great deal of kindness, not quite free from ridicule. I am used to it.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    No contact with savage Indian tribes has ever daunted me more than the morning I spent with an old lady swathed in woolies who compared herself to a rotten herring encased in a block of ice.
    Claude Lévi-Strauss (b. 1908)