Bloc Québécois Candidates, 2006 Canadian Federal Election - Candidates - Alain Charette (Hull-Aylmer)

Alain Charette (Hull-Aylmer)

A professional pilot and a teacher, he also ran in the 2004 election, where he finished second, 9% behind Liberal incumbent Marcel Proulx. In 2006 he lost again, this time only 3.6% behind Proulx despite dropping over 3%. (Proulx lost more votes, most of which were gained by the Conservatives and New Democrats.) Hull-Aylmer is one of the most federalist ridings in Quebec.

Alain Charette is a founding member of "Le Québec, Un Pays", an obscure Quebec separatist group, currently led by Edith Gendron, the wife of Gatineau MP Richard Nadeau.

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