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Extant Examples

Many Blaw-Knox towers, of both conventional (uniform cross-section) and diamond design, remain in use in the United States. Few of the diamond towers were built, and several remain; all transmit AM radio signals:

  • WSM, Nashville, Tennessee: 808 ft (246 m); originally 874 ft (267 m); tower located in Brentwood, Tennessee.
  • WLW, Cincinnati, Ohio: 747 ft (227 m); originally 831 ft (253 m); tower located in Mason, Ohio.
  • WBT, Charlotte, North Carolina: three towers, 428 ft (130 m) each (one original, two reproductions from the original plans after the originals were destroyed by Hurricane Hugo)
  • WFEA, Manchester, New Hampshire: 400 ft (121 m)
  • WBNS, Columbus, Ohio: 380 ft (116 m)

Several additional diamond-cantilever towers were built at stations in the Central Valley of California but are less well-known. These towers were much smaller in both height and cross-section than the towers listed elsewhere; only one — KSTN, Stockton — remains in use for broadcasting.

The following Blaw-Knox diamond-cantilever towers remain standing in Europe:

  • Lisnagarvey Mast (constructed: 1936) at Lisnagarvey, Northern Ireland
  • Lakihegy Tower (constructed: 1933, height: 314 metres) at Szigetszentmiklós-Lakihegy, Hungary (The tallest Blaw-Knox tower ever built)
  • Vakarel Transmitter (constructed: 1937, height: 215 metres) at Vakarel, Bulgaria
  • Stara Zagora Transmitter at Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

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