Blank Family - Later Generations

Later Generations

The Blank daughters married becoming Veretennikova, Ulyanova, Zalezhsky, Lavrova, and Ardasheva. All of those families had many children. Currently, there are known 130 descendants of Alexander Blank.

The most notable is the family of Maria Alexandrovna Blank who married Ilya Ulyanov, parents of Vladimir Lenin (born Vladimir Ulyanov), and other notable revolutionaries. Lenin's quarter-Jewish heritage tends to be spotlighted by authors who subscribe to the antisemitic Jewish Bolshevism conspiracy theory linking Zionism and Communism while many Soviet ideologists tried to omit or hide the likelihood of Jewish genealogical connections to Vladimir Lenin.

Victor Ardashev, a first cousin of Vladimir Lenin was a member of the Constitutional Democratic Party from Verkhoturye, Perm Governorate. After the dispersion of the Russian Constituent Assembly, he published a critical proclamation and was murdered (under pretext of attempts to escape) by Yakov Yurovsky in February 1918. Incidentally, the same Yurovsky was the chief executioner of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II.

Alexander Ardashev, brother of Victor and another first cousin of Vladimir Lenin was also arrested by Cheka but released after the request by Lenin.

Georgy Ardashev, a son of Alexander Ardashev and a first cousin once removed of Vladimir Lenin, was a Praporshchik and a commander of a cavalry squadron in Yekaterinburg garrison. In 1918, he refused to disperse an anti-Bolshevik soldier assembly and was executed by Cheka the same night.

Nicholas Pervukhin, a grandson of Zalezhsky and another Lenin's first cousin once removed, was arrested by Cheka and allowed to emigrate to Canada after a letter from Dmitri Ulyanov, a younger brother of Vladimir Lenin, who at that time stopped all the revolutionary activities and worked as a medical doctor. It appeared that Cheka mixed up Dmitri with Vladimir Lenin. He later worked for the United Nations as a Russian interpreter and incidentally provided the synchronized translation during the famed Nikita Khrushchev's shoe-banging incident.

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