Black Swans

Black Swans

Black Swan is the common name for Cygnus atratus, an Australasian waterfowl.

Black Swan may also refer to

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Black Swan Emblems And Popular Culture - European Myth and Metaphor
... cygno ("a rare bird in the lands, and very like a black swan") ... He meant something whose rarity would compare with that of a black swan, or in other words, as a black swan did not exist, neither did the supposed characteristics of the "rare bird" with which it was being ... For some 1500 years, the black swan existed in the European imagination as a metaphor for that which could not exist ...
Black Swans - Publishing and Printing
... Black Swan (imprint), of Transworld Publishers, UK ... Inverted Swan, famous stamp featuring a printing error ...
Black Swan Emblems And Popular Culture - Western Australia - Literature
... Explorers' journals, as a literary genre, often provide descriptions of Black Swans ... brown ducks and teal, while the water was equally covered with swans and pelicans." The early colonist George Fletcher Moore included in his 1831 ballad "So Western Australia for Me" the lines No lions ... final line recalls an old English saying "All his swans are turned to geese", meaning all his expectations end in nothing all his boasting ends in smoke, like a person who fancies he sees a swan on a river ...
Black Swan Emblems And Popular Culture - Aboriginal History and Lore
... ceremony called Woolberr, which was practised by the "last of the black swan group" of the Nyungar people of south-western Australia in the 1920s ... how the ancestors of the Nyungar people were once Black Swans who became men ... The Dreamtime story of the black swans tells how two brothers were turned into white swans so they could help an attack party during a raid for weapons ...
Black Swan
... The Black Swan (Cygnus atratus) is a large waterbird, a species of swan, which breeds mainly in the southeast and southwest regions of Australia ... Black Swans are large birds with mostly black plumage and red bills ... scientifically by English naturalist John Latham in 1790, the Black Swan was formerly placed into a monotypic genus, Chenopis ...

Famous quotes containing the words swans and/or black:

    I know of the sleepy country, where swans fly round
    Coupled with golden chains, and sing as they fly.
    A king and a queen are wandering there, and the sound
    Has made them so happy and hopeless, so deaf and so blind
    With wisdom, they wander till all the years have gone by....
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    A terrible, beetle-browed, mastiff-mouthed, yellow-skinned, broad-bottomed, grim-taciturn individual; with a pair of dull-cruel-looking black eyes, and as much Parliamentary intellect and silent-rage in him ... as I have ever seen in any man.
    Thomas Carlyle (1795–1881)